Sample Panels and Keynotes


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Honorary Degree Recipient Speech - June 2017 Convocation

Uploaded by Humber College Alumni on 2017-07-07.

Public Panel and Discussion about Campus Sexual Violence at St. Mary's University

Keynote at Ending Violence Association of British Columbia Conference 2017. 

Sample Talks 

Cultivating Brave Spaces

From campuses, to workplaces, to our homes, there is an unprecedented dialogue in North America about sexual violence. It’s time to explore how and what we  have been taught about relationships, sex and justice. How do we flirt, handle rejection, or say yes to ourselves? What do we do when we have a crush, learn a friend has caused harm, or things get weird in a relationship and maybe feel unsafe? Drawing from two decades of experience in addressing sexual violence as an educator, counsellor and policy advisor, Farrah Khan shares tangible ways to actively intervene to prevent sexual violence. Beyond prevention, Farrah shares strategies to respond effectively to disclosures of sexual violence and work with those who have caused harm. Join her to envision possibilities for cultivating gender justice in our communities and institutions.

Building Consent Culture in the Workplace

From movie sets to bars to the boardroom, there is an unprecedented conversation about sexual harassment in the workplace happening in North America. This interactive workshop is an opportunity to talk about sexual harassment and how the changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act impact employees. Drawing from two decades of experience as an educator, counsellor and policy advisor, Farrah Khan will share tangible ways to be an effective ally to prevent and and address harm. Together with participants she establishes a shared language about the continuum of gender based violence and consent. Using scenarios and pop culture references, participants will explore how to call in their peers and support survivors. You will leave equipped with meaningful skills to recognize the signs of workplace violence and harassment, respond effectively to disclosures and how to refer to appropriate resources.

Caring for Yourself is a Radical Act

Managing social media accounts for a large institution can mean navigating a daily onslaught of abuse and hate including racism, sexism, homophobia. Addressing trauma exposure that frontline workers experience is part of providing good customer service.  This workshop is for people within the digital team to explore ways that help sustain your energy and spirit in the workplace. Participants will leave with easy to implement tools to expand their self-care and maintenance practices.