Farrah Khan works for gender justice through education, advocacy and art.


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Farrah Khan has spent two decades raising awareness about the intersections of gender-based violence and equity through education, policy, art creation and advocacy. She is the founder of Possibility Seeds Consulting, member of the Government of Canada's Federal Strategy Against Gender-based Violence Advisory Council and the Manager of Consent Comes First at Ryerson University. Farrah is co-founder of innovative community projects including Use The Right Words: Media Reporting on Sexual Violence and co-director of Courage to Act, the first national project of its kind to address and prevent gender-based violence on post-secondary campuses in Canada. She regularly contributes to national media with her expertise in addressing gender based violence. Farrah is the recipient of the numerous awards including the Toronto Community Foundation’s Vital People Award. In 2018 Farrah was appointed to the Gender Equality Advisory Council for the G7 Summit. At the Summit, Farrah addressed an audience of world leaders insisting that any discussion about a thriving, sustainable and peaceful world is not possible without taking concrete action on gender equity.  

Photo by: Jessica Laforet

Photo by: Jessica Laforet


For sample presentations and video of previous talks go here.

Accessible, compassionate and knowledgeable, Farrah Khan is an inspiring speaker to bring to post-secondary campuses, corporate events and conferences. She speaks across North America on gender based violence, leadership, consent, bystander intervention, self-care, trauma and disclosures.

Photo by: Stefany Li

Photo by: Stefany Li

Farrah's innovative ideas, accessible approach and infectious humour make her an sought-after speaker for diverse audiences. Through the use of media, personal and structural stories, Farrah creates presentations that are professional, interactive, educational and joyful. Pre-and post-event consultations are also available to help ensure that the unique needs of communities are met.

Farrah is represented exclusively by the National Speakers Bureau. Please contact Lynne Dubuc at LDubuc@nsb.com for booking inquiries.

Photo by Sarah MacDougall

Photo by Sarah MacDougall


As a educator I am committed to creating resources that are accessible, collaboratively made and free for community use. Please use and share the following widely. If you have feedback or ideas for a resource contact me

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Courage to Act: Developing a National Framework to Address and Prevent Gender-Based Violence

There is an unprecedented conversation in North America on gender-based violence on post-secondary campuses right now. Survivors, administrators, student advocates, parents, faculty, and gender-based violence organizations are pushing for transformative change. The Courage to Act report centres on to listening to these calls to action.

From January to May 2019 Possibility Seeds Consulting worked in collaboration with the Women and Gender Equality Framework Advisory Committee to explore with key stakeholders across the country what are the challenges, opportunities and needs on campuses. Courage to Act: Developing a National Framework to Address and Prevent Gender-Based Violence is a culmination of these conversations, capturing promising practices, key policy areas, and prevention plans in a groundbreaking report.

We Believe You: A Colouring Book for Survivors of Sexual Violence 

In 2016 I worked with artist Karen Campos Castillo as part of my job at Consent Comes First, Ryerson's Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education to create a 28-page colouring book for survivors of sexual assault. Includes 10 custom illustrations and reflection activities.  Project team includes Tesni Ellis and Kirsty Pazek-Smith.

Download the colouring book here.

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We Begin by Listening: A Colouring Book for Survivors of Sexual Violence

In 2018 I worked with illustrator Carita Marsili through Consent Comes First, Ryerson's Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education to create a 28-page colouring book for survivors of sexual assault. Includes 10 custom illustrations and reflection activities. 

Download the colouring book here.

Use the Right Words: Media Reporting on Sexual Violence in Canada 

Written in collaboration with Sasha Elford and Shannon Giannitsopoulou, with graphic designer Karen Campos Castillo.  Use the Right Words: Media Reporting on Sexual Violence in Canada includes information on sexual violence, resources for journalists (e.g. Checklist when Reporting on Sexual Assault, and Tipsheet: 10 Essential Tips on Interviewing Survivors of Sexual Assault), infographics and statistics on sexual violence, all informed by survivors, journalists, anti gender-based violence advocates, lawyers and community members from across Canada.

Download Use the Right Words: Media Reporting on Sexual Violence here


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Caring for Yourself is a radical Act: Self care guide for youth Working in community

Commissioned by ArtReach Toronto to research, develop and write a self care guide with the support a community advisory team. The guide was designed by Karen Campos Castillo. 

The guide has been used across North American in youth organizations, by funders and within post secondary Social Work programs. 

Download Caring for Yourself is a Radical Act here

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The Untold Stories Project 

Conducted interviews across Ontario with LGBTQ newcomers and frontline workers about settlement needs and supports for Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI).

Research from the project was created into a report entitled the Untold Stories Project which became the basis for the Positive Space toolkit by OCASI.

Download the Positive Space toolkit here.

OCASI Positive Spaces Starter Kit - English 1.jpg

#PressPaws On Cyberviolence

#PressPaws On Cyberviolence is a stop-motion video that provides self-care tips for those dealing with cyberviolence, and gives suggestions on how to make online spaces safer for everyone. I worked with grassroots collectives Project Slut and femifesto, and filmmaker Susan Tiihonen to create it for YWCA Canada's Project Shift. It was informed by an online survey that invited girls, young women, genderqueer and non-binary folks across Canada to share their thoughts on cyberviolence. #PressPaws uses an intersectional feminist lens to shift conversations about cyberviolence from victim blaming to strategies of resilience and creating change. 





Illustration by Sidrah Ahmed

Illustration by Sidrah Ahmed

Heartbeats: The IZZAT Project 

South Asian young women’s bodies and hearts are often the battleground of patriarchs, media and governments. Tired of our voices being left out of the dialogue about violence in our lives, eight South Asian young women in Toronto came together to challenge how “izzat” or “honour” has been used to rationalize violence against us.

Together we created a play, short films and a graphic novella illustrated by artist Somya Singh and Selena Wong. Our book and play entitled Heartbeats launched in December 2012 at the Art Gallery of Ontario as love letter to our communities.  The book has sold over 8,000 copies and our team toured across North America launching the book in 10 cities. A award winning documentary about the IZZAT Project, Listen to Me, was created in 2015 by Lalita Krishna, InSync Media.

Illustration by Somya Singh

Illustration by Somya Singh


I am the Founder and Principal at Possibility Seeds Consulting. We are a leading Canadian project management and policy development firm. We work alongside our clients to create, connect and cultivate gender equity. Our team has over 20 years of broad experience working with communities, governments, labour organizations, public and private institutions.

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Previous Contracts 

With 20 years experience in the nonprofit sector at the volunteer, front-line, management and board level, I have worked and gained expertise in various sectors including but not limited to:

  • Gender Based Violence: Respect in Action, Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children

  • Settlement: “Live Well” Newcomer Youth Mental Health Guides, Access Alliance, Multicultural Health and Community Services Justice 

  • Youth: Girls Action Program, Thunder Bay Multicultural Centre 

  • Education: Drop the Labels, Gender Based Violence Training Program for the Toronto District School Board.

  • Faith Communities:  Muslim AIDS Project, Sherbourne Health Centre  

  • LGBTT2SQQI: Untold Stories Project, Positive Spaces, Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants

  • Policy Development : South Asian Legal Clinic, Board of Directors, Policy Chair 

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