Reclaiming Valentine's Day

For the second year the Consent Comes First Office works with artist Karen Campos Castillo to create valentine that reclaimed to celebrate our relationship with ourselves, our communities, our friends and our movements. It’s a day that too often is dominated by heterosexual love stories, leaving out many people including myself. Here are a couple of my favorites. 

Dissent in the Streets, Consent in the Streets - was inspired by a sign I saw at the Women's March in Toronto. Justice 


This past year there was so much conversation about sexual violence as if it was the first time a movement had been born. I asked Karen to create a Valentine that celebrated people who have done the work since forever like Anita Hill as well as Tarana Burke along with Terry Crews who is new to the convesation but whose voice is vital. 


On Valentines we often celebrate new loves, new relationships. We want to make sure that we remember than being trans is not a new idea and that there is no “too old” or “too young” to be trans or to transition.


Out in the Open: The impact of #MeToo

Got to be part of a conversation with  on CBC's Out in the Open about #MeToo and online feminist organizing. I talked about how feminist helped me give shape to feelings of disempowerment and a hope for change at a young age.

"When I heard about feminism as a kid it was an opening, it was this idea that something else could exist. That justice could exist. And so, at the age of 12… I came out as a feminist. And I remember talking about it and it was something that helped me feel safe in my body and know that there were women fighting for my rights."

You can listen to it here

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