Enough mourning. We need action to end the killing of women

There have been 15 women and their families who have been murdered in Ontario since January 2018. I co-wrote a op-ed with Pamela Cross from Luke’s Place and Marlene Ham from OAITH about the need to take action on this crisis of men’s violence against women now. You can read it in the Toronto Star here. 

Holly Hamilton, 29, Hamilton; Baljit Thandi, 32, Brampton; Avtar Kaur, 60, Brampton; Elaine Bellevue, 61, Mississauga; Jan Singh, 70, Oakville; Barbara Kovic, 76, Etobicoke; Raya Turunen, 88, Ryerson Township; Ulla Theoret, 55, Ryerson Township; Paul Theoret, 28, Ryerson Township; Safaa Marina, 53, Nepean; Brenda Richardson, 77, Kenora; Alicia Lewandowski, 25, Mississauga; Krassimira Pejcinovski, 39, Ajax; Roy Pejcinovski, 15, Ajax; Venallia Pejcinovski, 13, Ajax.

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