Selected Media

How to Talk to Your Kids About Consent, Toronto Star, June 13th 2016

#WeBelieveSurvivors: After the Ghomeshi Verdict Flare, Ishani Nath, Mar 25, 2016.

Drama outside the Ghomeshi courtroom, Dan Taekema, Toronto Star, March 25th 2016.

How politeness conditioning can lead to confusion about sexual assaults Zosia Bielski, The Globe and Mail, Sunday March 20th 2016

Live-tweeting the Ghomeshi trial demystifies court process H.G. Watson, J Source, February 11, 2016

Sexual violence expert says ‘witnesses are put on trial’ in cases like Jian Ghomeshi  CityTV, Feb 05, 2016, 5:36 PM


‘Don’t call them victims:’ Toronto group publishes guide on how to talk about sexual assaultJessica Smith Cross Metro News Sunday, Dec 06 2015.

Simple guide on sex assault reporting an eye opener Catherine Porter, Toronto Star. Friday December 4, 2015.

Self-defence course empowers Muslim women Laura DaSilva, Toronto Star, Thursday Nov 26 2015.

Advocates applaud Ontario for ‘huge’ step in anti-sexual violence legislation  Luke Simcoe, Metro, Tuesday Oct 27 2015.

Farrah Khan speaks about gender based violence, Nabeelah Shaikh, Medium, Oct 26, 2015.

Domestic violence review should include family killings, Farrah Khan CBC The Current, Thursday September 17, 2015.

‘Vocal Fry’ undermines empowered young women, CBC The Current, Tuesday July 28, 2015.

The wrong way to tackle forced marriages Catherine Porter, Toronto Star, Friday Jun 05 2015.

How-To with Farrah Khan: Working to End Gender-Based Violence Through Community OrganizingWiTOPoli, Heather Jarvis, March 11th 2015.

Kathleen Wynne’s bold plan will change the lives of thousands of women in Ontario  Toronto Star, March 6th, 2015.

Voice for the People, This Magazine, January 12th 2015.


Sexism and violence against women may be getting attention, but some say the watershed moment is still to come, CBC Radio, The Current, November 6th, 2014

Tougher action urged to probe doctors guilty of sex abuse, Toronto Star, November 5, 2014

On CBC News: The National, The National Conversation: “Have we reached a critical point on the issue of sexual violence against women?”

Twitter conversation about unreported rape goes global,  Toronto Star, October 31, 2014

Coming Forward, CBC Metro Morning, October 30th 2014

Domestic Violence Tolerance, CBC Metro Morning, September 9th 2014

How Not To Get Raped Up You Read That Right , UpWorthy, Alana Karsch, 2014 

Revolution 101 Feminist Solutions to Gender Based Violence, Rabble, June 2, 2014, Megan Stacey 

#yesallwomen Violence Against Women, CBC Metro Morning, May 27th 2014 

Putting Media Reporting on Sexual Assault Under a Magnifying Glass, Women, Action, Media, May 1st 2014, Natalie Hill

Talking to Activists, Las Perlas TV, October 21st, 2014


Why People Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted Don’t File a Complaint CBC The Current, May 9th 2013

Young and Faithful The Grid, March 28th, 2013


Heartbeats: The IZZAT Project Brings Taboo Subject of Honour and Violence to Light  Toronto Star, Dec 4th 2012

A Multigenerational Campaign for Women’s Rights: Nehal El-Hadi in Conversation with Farrah Khan HerKind, September 21st, 2012

Hundreds Rally in Christie Pits Against Recent Spree of Sexual Assaults , National Post, September 3, 2012.

Ban Overturned CBC Metro Morning, March 5th 2012


Interview with Zahra Agjee and Farrah Khan of AQSAzine  Rabble,  July 7th 2011

Votes, Values and the 905 CBC Metro Morning April 22, 2011

People To Watch in 2011: Farrah Khan Toronto Star, January 12, 2011


Turning Point: Beyond Stereotypes Addressing Violence in South Asian Communities CBC Metro Morning, March 30th 2010

We Speak for Yourself: AQSAzine Shameless Magazine, Fall 2010


Survivors shed light on Domestic Violence Toronto Star, May 5th 2009

Making Space for Muslim Women Toronto Star, March 7th 2008

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