I am a trained psychotherapist, holding a Masters of Social Work degree from the University of Toronto with a specialization in Social Justice and Diversity as well as Trauma. I have been working in the social services field for over 10 years in community health centers, violence against women agencies, and legal clinics.  Recognizing the importance of nurturing my knowledge base, I am continuously committed to partaking in professional development through regularly attending workshops and conferences.

In my practice we work together with compassion, warmth and respect, to explore root causes of your concerns and co-create paths of healing.  I use a variety of approaches, including interpersonal, expressive arts, brief solution focused, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness therapeutic approaches.  Together we determine what might be more helpful in the specific moment and I provide suggestions based on your therapeutic needs.

Having worked in agencies across the GTA I have gained experience in working individuals, families and groups to address a variety of issues including:

  • Family violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Partner Abuse
  • Sexuality
  • Childhood trauma
  • Migration
  • Relationships
  • Changes in life
  • Self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Low mood
  • Dealing with oppression

My Overall Approach Is To:

  • Ground my interactions with you in compassion, warmth and respect.
  • Accompany you in your healing journey within a client-centered, anti-oppressive practice and feminist framework.
  • Respect the goals, perspectives and pace that you bring to therapy.
  • Work with you to understand your experiences in relation to the communities we live in.

I welcome your questions about my practice; please do not hesitate to contact me.