Listen to Me Documentary

Two years ago I was approached by filmmaker Lalita Krishna to be a part of a documentary that explored addressing violence in the South Asian community. The documentary was launched last year but I have been shy to talk about it. The film is called Listen to Me.

I agreed to be a part of it because I wanted to see a different narrative than what is often showed about how violence operates in the lives of South Asian women. The hope was that the documentary would show the different ways survivors heal with and without family, how we use art and most importantly the power of LISTENING to young women. I also wanted the opportunity to shift the common narrative of

It was a strange experience having a camera following me about for a couple of months and even stranger watching the film on the big screen. There were definitely moments when I felt overwhelmed by their presence but the crew were so kind and supportive, it made it a lot easier. Talking about violence against women no problem, but talking about violence in my own life – that is hard. My family really stepped up with two of my brothers and my dad agreeing to be featured in the film. They spoke openly about violence against women and the urgent need for change. One of the most poignant parts of the film was my father speaking about the impact of family violence and his own healing process. My father is one of my heros and his candor in the film made it so worth being a part of.


About the film “LISTEN TO ME is a documentary that follows the story of Farrah Khan, a counsellor who runs visual and expressive arts programs that focus on hard hitting issues of sexual assault, forced marriage and family violence. Skillfully interweaving personal narrative with the artistic work of the participants, Listen to Me illustrates the importance of programs which give voice and a platform for young women to safely tell their stories and be empowered to shape their future.”

Directed by Lalita Krishna
Winner of Outstanding Canadian Feature at the Reel World Film festival 2015!